Dismembered Reviews

cover Dismembered 6-13-11What makes Susan D. Mustafa and Sue Israel such powerful chroniclers of man’s darkest deeds? Their compassion for all involved, especially the victims and those who loved them, and their ability to tell a true story in dramatic yet empathetic fashion. Dismembered continues their streak of sensitively revealing the stories of those who commit senseless, violent acts. – Michael McCall, author and journalist, Associated Press, Country Music Hall of Fame

When it comes to true crime stories, there are “should” reads and “must” reads. Dismembered falls in the latter category. As a trial attorney and journalist, I have covered many serial killing cases; in Dismembered, authors Mustafa and Israel give us a unique insight into the mind of horrific serial killer Sean Vincent Gillis. From inception as a novice killer to a nightmarish national murderer and cannibal, the authors detail a man who both enjoys cannibalism and taunting the authorities. With first-hand accounts, the book details a journey from the disturbed to the psychotic. Get the book, but keep the lights on. – Stone Grissom, civil rights attorney, on-air host and broadcast producer