1A. Ann Bryan and sisters

Ann Bryan, center

5B. Katherine Hall mug shot

Katherine Hall

Hardee Schmidt

Hardee Moseley Schmidt

Joyce Williams

Joyce Williams

Lilliian Robinson

Lilliian Robinson

Marilyn Nevils

Marilyn Nevils

13A. Johnnie Mae Williams

Johnnie Mae Williams

14A. Donna Bennett Johnston

Donna Bennett Johnston

Ann Bryan was 82 years old when she was murdered March 21, 1994, at an assisted living facility located across the street from where Sean Gillis worked in Baton Rouge. Ann was an artist and musician who enjoyed playing bridge with her friends at St. James Place. On the night she was murdered, Sean entered her apartment via her front door, which Ann had left ajar to allow her nurse easy access. She was stabbed 47 times, and her throat was slashed. Gillis would not kill again for five years.

Katherine Hall was 30 years old when Sean Gillis picked her up in North Baton Rouge on January 4, 1999 and brought her to a field off River Road, where he wrapped a nylon zip tie around her neck. He stabbed her 16 times before she died, and then he stabbed her 21 times post mortem. Gillis then drove her to Splash Car Wash on Gardere Lane, where he laid her on the ground while he cleaned out his vehicle, according to his confession. He later drove her to Poujeaux Road in Ascension Parish and left her on a road in Vignes Lake Subdivision near a dead end sign.

Hardee Moseley Schmidt was 52 years old when Sean Gillis hit her with his car as she was jogging through Pollard Estates on her morning run. An avid runner, Hardee had participated in the Boston Marathon. She lived a comfortable life with her husband, Bob, and three children until Gillis began stalking her. According to his confession, Gillis overpowered her after he hit her with the car and wrapped a nylon zip tie around her neck. He put her body in the trunk and drove her to a BREC park where he raped her. He then left her body in St. James Parish near a bayou on Highway 61.

Joyce Williams was last seen on November 12, 1999. Her body was found behind a levee on River Road in Baton Rouge January 22, 2000. According to his confession, Gillis picked her up on Highway 19 in Scotlandville and rode around for a while singing along with songs on the radio. He brought her to Rosedale Road in Port Allen and killed her with a nylon zip tie before bringing her to his home, where he dismembered her and delved into cannibalism. He later put her body parts in garbage bags and a Xerox box and brought her to Iberville Parish where he disposed of her remains. Joyce loved to sing and dance and had attended Southern University for two years.

Lillian Robinson disappeared in January 2000. She attended church regularly and was very close to her two sisters. She was 52 years old when Gillis picked her up in North Baton Rouge. He killed her with a nylon zip tie and then brought her to his home. When he was finished with her, he drove to the Atchafalaya Basin and dumped her in the swampy water. She was found in March 2000 nine miles from where he says he dumped her body.

Marilyn Nevils was 38 years old in October 2000 when Gillis picked her up in Lafayette while on his way to visit his godchild. When she got into his car, he reached for his zip tie, but Marilyn fought him and escaped from the car. He chased her across a field on Sixth Street and hit her with a piece of metal rebar. He then pulled the zip tie tight around her neck. Again, Gillis brought a victim to a car wash and laid her on the ground while he cleaned his vehicle before bringing her home. Gillis took a shower with her corpse before bringing her to River Road and leaving her body on top of a levee. No one had reported missing.

Johnnie Mae Williams and Sean Gillis were friends. They occasionally smoked weed together, and Johnnie Mae sometime cleaned his house. She had three children and loved to bake. Gillis picked her up in North Baton Rouge on October 9. 2003, and drove her to a secluded area behind Mason’s Grill, where he beat her to death before slashing her body and cutting off her hands. He then drove her to Pride Port Hudson Road in Zachary where he positioned her body in a wooded area. Before he left, he took pictures of his handiwork.

Donna Bennett Johnston was Gillis’ last victim. Her body was discovered February 26, 2004, in a ravine off Ben Hur Road, just blocks from Gillis’ home. He picked her up on the corner of Geronimo and Prescott in North Baton Rouge and brought her to a secluded spot near Scenic Highway, where again he put a zip tie around his victim’s neck. She jumped from the car, but he caught her when she got to a fence. He killed her there and brought her body back to his car before driving to Parkway Drive, opening his trunk and taking 45 picture of her body. He then dismembered and cannibalized her. Gillis disposed of her body, but stomped on her back before he left her to be found by passersby. At the scene, Gillis left tire tracks, which would lead to his arrest. Donna had five children and had once been a police informant.