Rock Bottom and Back™ reveals the secret to a happy life

RB&BCover_3dJune 28, 2016 (BATON ROUGE, LA) BIC Media Solutions has announced that Rock Bottom and Back—From Desperation to Inspiration will be released September 6, 2016, in hardcover, paperback, and digital, which are available online at and on the official website.

Written by New York Times bestselling author Susan Mustafa with Earl B. Heard, Rock Bottom and Back™ depicts the incredible lives of 22 people who hit rock bottom and then came back from profound despair to help others in extraordinary ways.

Featuring celebrities as well as ordinary people, Rock Bottom and Back™ reveals the tragedy of reaching bottom through loss, trauma, alcoholism, and drug, sex, and gambling addictions. This compilation offers hope to those who have hit bottom and is a roadmap to wellness, redemption, and, ultimately, a successful life.

“I wanted to create something that would show everyone that hitting bottom is tough, sometimes life-shattering, but we can come back to be happier and more successful than we could imagine through dedicating our lives to others,” Heard said.

A companion DVD narrated by actor Danny Trejo and coproduced by BIC Media Solutions and Mission Media Productions, features compelling interviews with six people whose stories are highlighted in the book. The short film can be viewed instantly, downloaded or purchased as a DVD, and is available exclusively at

. “Each story is different, but all of the stories share the same lesson—through helping others, we can heal ourselves. It’s a powerful message,” Mustafa said.

Those featured in Rock Bottom and Back include:

  • Dr. Bobby Smith, a Louisiana state trooper who was blinded after being shot while

working a driver’s license checkpoint

  • Maurice “Termite” Watkins, a boxer who fought for the world championship in the welterweight division on one of the most famous cards in boxing history and lost
  • David Bottner, an entrepreneur who once lived a life of excess fueled by traumatic sexual abuse he experienced as a child
  • Tonja Myles, a former crack cocaine and sex addict whose life led her from the crack house to the White House
  • Jerry Strickland, a successful businessman who set out to help three of his children overcome their addictions and discovered he had to fix himself first
  • Whitney Strickland, Jerry’s son, whose out-of-control behavior caused him to crash and burn
  • Deena Burnett Bailey, the widow of Tom Burnett—one of four men who stormed the cockpit of United Flight 93 on 9/11
  • Stanley Roberts, a former college and NBA star who tried to live a dream that wasn’t his own
  • Dr. Mark Laaser, a pastor and counselor who lost everything after his sex addiction was revealed to the public
  • Bea Aikens, a businesswoman and advocate for compulsive gamblers who tragically learned that gambling is always a lose-lose situation
  • Billy Rivers, a hardened biker and gang member who spent 13 years in prison for smuggling Mexicans across the U.S. border
  • George Mills, who went from a lifetime of running heroin to trafficking hope for young women who are victims of sex slavery

Other Rock Bottom and Back heroes include Danny Trejo, Henry Tobias, Kristen Maddox, Karl Garcia, Michael “Iron Mike” Peterson, Theresa Westbrook, Jeremiah Fry, Ken Paxton, Mindy Crane, and Bradley Blue.

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About BIC Alliance: 

BIC Alliance—publisher of BIC Magazine, the nation’s only multi-industry, multi-departmental publication for the oil and gas industry—has been publishing stories about successful industry entrepreneurs who have been to rock bottom and back for more than three decades. BIC Media Solutions is the media investment, entertainment and custom book publishing division of BIC Alliance. For more information, please visit and

About Mission Media Productions: 

BIC Media Solutions teamed up with the New Orleans Mission, a homeless shelter that serves the New Orleans area, to create the pilot episode of the Rock Bottom and Back™ docu-series, available now on DVD. Newly launched Mission Media Productions helps veterans and homeless individuals learn a profession in film and television production. RB&BCover_3d

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