Rock Bottom and Back

RB&BCover_3dRock Bottom and Back—From Desperation to Inspiration depicts the incredible lives of twenty-two people who hit rock bottom and then came back from profound despair to help others in extraordinary ways. Written by New York Times bestselling author Susan Mustafa with Earl B. Heard, Rock Bottom and Back exemplifies the trials that many of us experience on our journey through life.

Featuring celebrities as well as ordinary people, Rock Bottom and Back reveals the tragedy of reaching bottom through loss, trauma, alcoholism, and drug, sex, and gambling addictions. This compilation provides inspiration and hope by illustrating that recovery and success are possible through living in service to others.

“It’s all about breaking the cycle. It’s not about what we do for ourselves. It’s about how we help in the evolution of goodness for the future.”—Jerry Strickland

“I went from the crack house to the White House. It’s unbelievable. There was a time when something like that would have seemed impossible to me.”—Tonja Myles

“Many people think they have done such bad things that God will never forgive them. I tell them not to believe that lie. If God can forgive me for the things I’ve done, for those children in that van, he can forgive anyone.—Billy Rivers

“Life’s not fair. We have choices. We can get bitter or get better. I don’t like being blind, but I’m not dead. I don’t like the fact that my children are gone. It kills me, but I can sit on the couch bellyaching, or I can use my knowledge and my own experiences to help other people recover from stress, grief, and trauma.”—Dr. Bobby Smith